Mission of IPCK

The International Protestant Church of Kinshasa is an English speaking community of Christians from around the world dedicated to worship, discipleship, outreach, and service to Jesus Christ resulting in transformed lives to the glory of God.

As an International Christian congregation, we dedicate ourselves to the worship and adoration of the True God, and to the study and preaching of the written Word. We desire to glorify God by bearing witness of His life and serving Him both here in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and to the furthest reaches of the earth.

The mission of our church is characterized by four words: Worship, Outreach, Service, and Discipleship. 

Our goal is to be an oasis of Christian love and outreach for those English speakers living in Kinshasa.

The mission of our church is characterized by four words:

Worship, Outreach, Service, and Discipleship.